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Motivational Speaker


Anthony is a speaker motivating and inspiring those he speaks to. No matter the topic Anthony will ensure your listeners are engaged, empowered and motivated.

Anthony has experience in both small and large groups, Big business and small business, professional groups, sporting groups, volunteers and more…..

Whether you’re looking for a Conference ice breaker or a more formal session.

Anthony will work with you to ensure his presentation meets your needs.All topics can be tailored to achieve the outcomes you are looking for

Anthony has the experience and will work with you to get your important message across…..

Why not start your next conference with a fun and engaging ice breaker.

Topics include and not limited to….
  • Motivation and Success
  • Being Yourself
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Creating Opportunities
  • Team Work
  • Small Business
  • Impact of Choices
  • Social Media
  • How to Market You


  • Sales and Marketing
  • Work, Life and Well-being
  • Thinking Positive
  • Networking
  • Customer Service
  • Productivity
  • Empowering Young People
  • Public Speaking
  • Being Authentic
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