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About Anthony

A Speaker, Master of Ceremony, Celebrant, Coach and is inspiring those around him to be the best that they can be.

My passion is talking and in all that I do I help people to be the best that
they can be. Perhaps I could be labeled a builder… I build foundations for people to have achievements in their business and personal lives. Young people, middle aged people, our most experienced, I never set a limit…. ill strive to help everyone.

I am a White Ribbon Ambassador, National President for Australia’a largest Celebrant Association, Councillor on Cessnock City Council, Chairperson for Hunter Charity Network, Avid Volunteer, Charity Fundraising Extraordinaire and a well respected Community Member….
Not bad for a young guy from a small country town.

As a Speaker and Coach, I strive to Motivate people to be they can be. Inspire people to grow in their businesses, personal life, sporting life and work life. I aim to Empower people to make change, make a choice, to create positive opportunities.

Being a Master of Ceremony I bring a light, fun and professional atmosphere to all types of events. I have lots of fun, keep your audience engaged, bring a wow factor, while ensuring your event is run smoothly and professional.

Officiating at Weddings, Funerals and other life events, gives me great pleasure to be part of special moments in peoples lives. I bring a light hearted touch to all ceremonies that I perform.

I have had many achievements since leaving school resulting from my passion, enthusiasm and drive. I have had many jobs, businesses, hobbies and interests. Life can be difficult and crazy at time, I use to be 145kg, I am now 85kg, choices can be made, its how we make them, its how we make our next move.

Overall I strive to Motivate, Empower and Inspire others.


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